EYEThe Arkansas State Police headquarters in Warren will host a “Never Forgotten: Arkansas Takes Action” event on November 12 that hopefully will help locate missing persons.

The event will be held Tuesday, from 4 p.m. until 7 p.m. at the State Police Headquarters located at 1237 N. Myrtle St. in Warren.

Families and loved ones of the missing are asked to attend and bring with them as much information as possible about their missing loved ones, such as police reports, photographs and dental records. Forensic analysts will be at the event to take DNA samples.

Every service offered is free of charge.

“There are more than 450 active missing persons cases in Arkansas, and it is our goal to help to complete those cases and bring closure to the hundreds of Arkansans who do not know the whereabouts of their loved ones,” Attorney General Dustin McDaniel said prior to a similar event held last month in Little Rock. “I appreciate the hard work of our law enforcement partners and their commitment to assisting the families of the missing.”

As a result of last year’s missing persons initiative, the remains of a Crittenden County man missing for more than a decade were positively identified. Relatives of the late Tommy Lee Newingham of Earle provided DNA samples a year ago. The samples were placed in a national DNA database, and a positive match was made with remains that had been located in Memphis in 2011. McDaniel said that result demonstrates the importance of the event and the need to continue efforts to locate missing persons.

For more information call (800) 448-3014.

The event is sponsored by:
The Arkansas Attorney General’s Office
Arkansas Crime Lab & Medical Examiner’s Office
Arkansas Crime Information Center
Arkansas State Police
Morgan Nick Foundation
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
National Unidentified and Missing Persons System