A 32-year-old Drew County woman was arrested Thursday for endangering her 14-year-old daughter by allowing her to smoke methamphetamine and marijuana, according to Lt. Tim Nichols, a criminal investigator with the Drew County Sheriff’s Office.

Lisa M. Faussette, also known as Lisa M. Holley, was arrested for allegedly introducing a controlled substance into the body of another person and endangering the welfare of a minor. Her four children were removed from her care.

Nichols said law enforcement officials from the Drew County Sheriff’s Office along with Department of Human Services and 10th Judicial District Juvenile Court officers went to a Winchester residence on January 29 to remove the four minor children for safety reasons.

After removing the children from the home, Nichols said he asked the 14-year-old girl about allegations that she had smoked methamphetamine. The girl reportedly told Nichols she had been smoking meth with her mother since spring break, when she was 13.

“She also admitted to smoking marijuana with her mother,” Nichols said. “Both controlled substances were provided to her by her mother.”

As Nichols and Drew County Sheriff Mark Gober were leaving the residence, they observed a woman walking down the road. Nichols said it was the children’s mother.

Nichols said she was told that her children had been removed from the home and taken into custody because the children had not been in school in more than two months and she allegedly had smoked meth with her juvenile daughter.

The woman’s bond was set at $30,000.