Ronnie Adcock

Monticello businessman Ronnie Adcock, a former Drew County Justice of the Peace, former part-time Drew County deputy sheriff, former constable, and life-long Drew County resident, has announced his candidacy for Drew County Sheriff.

“I believe the citizens of Drew County deserve the very best protection and services from the Drew County Sheriff’s Office,” Adcock said in his campaign announcement.

“I feel an obligation to help create a positive change for our communities and I pledge to be a fair Sheriff working for the people of this county,” Adcock said. “My door will always be open for citizens to express their concerns. I also look forward to forming a positive working relationship with the Monticello Police Department and their new Chief, Eddy Deaton. Residents of Drew County deserve a top notch Sheriff’s Department that is well trained and under my administration we will strive to achieve this by training both locally and at numerous others sites as funding allows.

“If elected Sheriff,” Adcock said, “I will manage a very proactive and professional law enforcement organization that is dedicated to the community’s needs and ensure timely response to citizen’s complaints with utilizing the appropriate resources. This means more crime prevention and intervention by getting the patrol cars back out into the rural communities like Coleman, Collins, Cominto, Enon, Florence, Green Hill, Jerome, Lacey, Ladelle, Montongo, New Hope, Possum Valley, Prairie, Rock Springs, Selma, Tillar, Wilmar and Winchester but, will be readily available if called to support the Arkansas State Police or the Monticello Police Department.

“I will focus on innovative community oriented policing strategies directed towards proactive policing which includes, but is not limited to: focusing on substance abuse that is affecting our communities through prevention and intervention programs; concentrating on the growing theft problem; rehabilitation programs for those incarcerated; extra patrols for citizens in high risk communities and business districts; and develop and utilize a multi-agency county disaster plan,” Adcock said. “These are just a few of the concerns that residents have addressed to me and I look forward to working with the community in resolving these challenges as effectively as possible.

“One of the most effective ways of making Drew County a safe and enjoyable place to live is to reduce criminal activity,” Adcock said. “We will find productive ways to work with other law enforcement agencies. The Sheriff’s Office is not a stand-alone entity. In order to be effective, the Sheriff must be willing to work with local police as well as other county and state agencies, constables, the Arkansas State Police, and various federal agencies. I welcome their help, it is always better to have multiple avenues of resources. Another way to reduce criminal activity is to have better trained law enforcement along all levels.

“Effective law enforcement involves many things and a very important item is training for the deputies and investigators,” he said. “All deputies and investigators require periodic ongoing training to improve their skills. If elected, I will stand accountable ensuring that all Drew County Sheriff’s Office personnel are professionally trained to be prepared to meet the needs of the community and to perform tasks at a high level of proficiency by confirming that the deputies are allowed to obtain as much training as possible to help better equip them to serve the members of our community. I think the more trained our deputies are, the more capable they will be to provide proper law enforcement for Drew County and maintain protection for the citizens and themselves. Also, every deputy needs periodic review of training received in order to see what training may be needed to be able to stay up-to-date with current changes in the law and the appropriate way to deal with these calls. This will also include rebuilding our Auxiliary/Reserve team. I will require them to attend training and work the state mandated hours per month. This effort requires regular review, scheduling and appropriation of funding for the training and will increase the response and safety of our officers. I will strive to have two officers per car (one full-time and one part-time officer) on the weekends when call volume increases and there are fewer resources for the officers to utilize. I see a tremendous amount of unused talent in the deputies of the department and I will encourage them to grow both professionally and personally.

“I have worked closely with the previous three sheriffs and have seen good things take place, but I have also seen things that I believe should have been handled differently,” he said. “I would like to make some improvements that will better serve all the residents of Drew County. I have worked as a certified part time deputy for several years under Tommy Free and Bobby Eggelston. I also served two consecutive terms as quorum court member, as a constable for the Veasey Township, and served seven years in the Arkansas Army National Guard. I believe with my background I will bring the much needed changes to the Sheriff’s Office.

Adcock and his wife Brittany, have four children and three grandchildren. “As a parent, I am very aware of the concerns parents and guardians have regarding our children and the problems that arise in communities that affect our children and family,” he said.

“With my experience and desire for change, I feel that I bring with me all the tools necessary to manage the challenges of law enforcement in Drew County,” Adcock said. “My goal as Sheriff is really simple: I want to ensure that the members of the Drew County Sheriff’s Office is equipped, trained, and dedicated to protecting the residents of Drew County. To accomplish this, we all must take a step forward and initiate this much needed change. I ask for it to start with your vote, for me, Ronnie Adcock, for Drew County Sheriff in the up-coming Democratic Election in May.”