The Monticello High School Band presented its spring concert Tuesday night, performing several pieces before ending with Atlantis: The Lost Continent, Rob Rob Romeyn’s powerful piece that brings the mysterious lost civilization of Atlantis to life in music. The music begins calmly, depicting a beautiful sunrise over the island in the Atlantic Ocean that existed more than 11,000 years ago. The music develops as the fateful day ensues, reaching a stunning climax as Atlantis was swallowed by the sea.


The Monticello High School Band recently won first division superior ratings in all categories at the concert assessment in Sheridan and was the sweepstakes winner, the highest award a band can receive. It was the fourth consecutive year that Monticello was the sweepstakes winner.

The band also received first division superior ratings for auxiliaries, drum major, percussion, and for full band at the Ouachita Valley Invitational Contest. They were awarded the titles of outstanding percussion section, outstanding drum major, and outstanding band. In addition to those awards, they won the overall outstanding marching technique, overall outstanding musical performance, and was named the grand champion of the entire contest. At the region marching assessment at Watson Chapel, the band received first division ratings from all of  the judges.

The Monticello High School Band is under the direction of Matt Teague.
Below is the band’s halftime performance at Monticello High School Homecoming game.