The Monticello Police Department has installed a new software program at its dispatch center that can save valuable minutes in an emergency. The Smart 911 system will ensure emergency responders vital information when an emergency call is made.

Drew County residents can now sign up for Smart 911, which is designed to make medical information available to emergency responders and make it easier for paramedics and police to find the address of someone calling from a mobile phone.

To sign up for a free, password protected account, go to the Smart 911 website and create a profile. You will be prompted to register your name, address, medical history and other information that will immediately be available to the Monticello Police Dispatch Center.

This information enables emergency responders to have a comprehensive understanding of the scene before they arrive. For example, EMS will know about medical conditions, allergies and disabilities, facilitating precise life-saving treatment. Fire crews will know not only how many residents are at a home, but locations of bedrooms, residents with special needs and even if there are pets on-premise. Police will have instant access to a child’s personal information and a photograph if a child goes missing.

The system comes with privacy protections that block access to a user’s information unless he or she has an active 911 call.

Arkansas used $1 million in stimulus funds to pay for the software for emergency dispatch centers across the state.