Allen Maxwell

The text of Monticello Mayor Allen Maxwell’s 2012 State of the City Address:

We start a new year by turning the corner with a new set of goals for our great City of Monticello. A new direction will begin with new priorities. The safety of our citizens, city employees, and visitors is the number one priority for our city within all city departments. The city will uphold five fundamental policies: safety, quality, productivity, effectiveness with others and attendance. These policies will allow the city to function in an efficient manner that will save time and money. This administration will make every attempt to save money both as a safety net and for future generations to maintain our city. Our goal is to stretch every public dollar to achieve maximum benefit for the City.

In 2011 new projects were completed to improve the city:

Safety: In 2011, the City implemented the first ever work safety program. The Cities (sic) Workers Comp insurance was excessive due to personal injuries in previous years. The City experienced a 35% decrease in Workers Comp Insurance starting in 2012 as a result of the Safety Program and reduced personal injuries. The City will continue to maintain a strong safety plan.

Fire Department: 55 dysfunctional fire hydrants were repaired or replaced. Commercial buildings are now being inspected for fire and safety hazards. The Fire Department has begun working to improve the Cities (sic) ISO rating from a 5 to a 4. This effort will continue.

Sewer Ponds: levees have been 90% repaired and there is no longer a danger of losing the levees. As soon as dry weather returns the last portion will be repaired.

City Hall, Police Department, and Old Fire Station: Roofs have all been replaced and are no longer leaking. The insulation and ceiling tiles have all been replaced in the City Hall and Police Station. The interior of the Police Department has been totally repaired. The old Fire Station will be repaired and converted to the Police Department as soon as the new Fire Station is completed.

The new fire station construction will start this year and should be finished in early 2013.

The Sadie Johnson building plan will be revised to fit the budget, and hopefully we can start construction early this year.

Our goal is to make Monticello the favorite living, shopping, and recreational City in South East Arkansas. We will need the cooperation and assistance of all our citizens to help us clean up and improve our HOME. This city will be cleaner and safer all our community, both local and visitors, will benefit.

I am proud to be your Mayor for the great city of Monticello. “The Natural Place to Live and Prosper”.