In his weekly address on July 24, Monticello Mayor Zack Tucker describes Monticello as a “mosaic portrait of unity”. You can watch a video of the mayor’s address or read the text here:

Last week in my address, I said “we have a precious town in Monticello.” Monticello’s success and growth is a result of our community working together to breach our differences to stand in unity toward betterment of our town and our children.

Tonight, I had the opportunity to be interviewed by several statewide TV stations, about events being held in our area this weekend. I reminded them, and I take time now to remind you, my fellow Monticellonians, that what makes our community, Monticello, a great place to call home is its diverse and progressive people. Since taking office as Mayor of our community, I have said our city is made great by is great people; everyday citizens that live in all corners of our community.

While recent events across the country may paint a picture of a nation divided, Monticello has historically, and remains, a mosaic portrait of unity; and there is no reason outside interest should affect that.

We have been committed to promoting an environment of inclusiveness and harmony, with initiatives and programs, like the recently launched COPS21 program; that works to center policing around community development not just law enforcement. In the coming weeks, I will be announcing the Mayor’s COPS21 Taskforce, comprised of everyday community members from every ward, or neighborhood, in our city. Sharing the diverse makeup of our town.

Among our great diverse community, is a great diverse and competent law enforcement. Our community enjoys a low crime rate and low violence, let’s work together to keep it that way.

Since outside interests have recently threatened the stability and unity we enjoy in Monticello, our law enforcement has taken all precautions to increase its presence, through cooperation with neighboring cities and state police, to preserve the welfare of the community and protect those choosing to exercise their most basic right to assemble and hold beliefs. Even if those beliefs are not shared by our community.

The best thing we can do, is to not be affected; continue our lives as normal, and enjoy the safety, stability, and unity that makes Monticello a welcoming progressive community; and a leader in development and promoting diversity in our region.

This weekend, while our community is host to visitors, let’s allow them to see in Monticello we are committed to keep the unity in community. For it is together, that we can keep Monticello moving forward.