Dave Nugent

Dave Nugent serves in the United States Navy Honors Detail.

Editor’s note: This is the first in a series of candidate profiles of the five candidates for Monticello mayor. Each candidate is running in a special election in June to complete the term of the late mayor Allen Maxwell which ends on December 31. They are also running in the November General Election for the upcoming 4-year term which begins January 1, 2015. In this series of unedited interviews, candidates were asked to respond in writing to 12 questions. The series will run through Saturday.

SEARK TODAY: Do you think there are budget areas in which the city is spending too much and/or not enough money? 

Nugent: Before I start cutting any funds I would take a look at the performance of each of the service departments then evaluate how well they are carrying out their mission for the city but if a cut needed to happen ASAP it would be the assistant mayor position which is being paid $32,000.

SEARK TODAY: Do you anticipate a need to increase city water, garbage and/or sewer rates during the next four years?

Nugent: No

SEARK TODAY: Would you support or oppose an initiative to get the wet/dry issue on the ballot in Marion Township? Why?

Dave Nugent

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NUGENT: It’s the free will of the people to put it on the ballot or keep it off.

SEARK TODAY: Do you have a four-year plan, illustrating your vision for the city, in the event you are elected? If so, what are the primary points in that plan? Be as concise as possible.

NUGENT: I can’t have a four year plan with a 6 month position but I am working on one for the general election. I would push for Industry and road development; work with the community and police department to set up a neighborhood watch program.

SEARK TODAY: Explain why you chose to run as a Democrat, Republican or independent (whichever applies to you).

NUGENT: Pro God! Pro-Gun! Pro Life! That is why I stand with the Republican Party.

SEARK TODAY: Describe the ideal mayor.

NUGENT: An honest servant to the people.

SEARK TODAY: What can you bring to this position your opponents cannot?

NUGENT: Trained in leadership from the United States Navy. I feel that my age puts me in the perfect position to bridge the generational gap with in our community.

SEARK TODAY: If your name was not on the ballot, which one of your opponents would you vote for and why?

NUGENT: I would need to do more research on my opponents but I would not vote for a Democrat.

Situational (Hypothetical) Questions:

SEARK TODAY: You have $1 million. You can (hypothetically) appropriate it to any one or all of the following areas: Economic Development, Recreation, Capital Improvements, and/or Infrastructure. How would you appropriate it and why?  

NUGENT: Economic development would be the main funding project.

SEARK TODAY: A heated city council meeting begins to get out of control. How do you address it? 

NUGENT: First, all board members must commit to being professional and having respectful behavior and speech at the meeting. Then, if needed take a short break.

SEARK TODAY: Two of your strongest supporters come to you, with competing interests, asking for your support. How do you respond?  

NUGENT: Ask them what is the plan and how will it benefit the city.