The City of Monticello issued an apology Friday for inconveniences caused in its efforts to convert to a new trash pick-up system. The city is converting from bag pick up to cart pick up and converting from a twice-a-week pick up service to a once-a-week pick up service.

Every address with a new garbage cart will be picked up one day a week, based on the ward in which the customer lives.

Ward 1 pick up is on Mondays.
Ward 2 pick up is on Tuesdays
Ward 3 pick up is on Thursday
Ward 4 pick up is on Fridays.

On holidays, those wards will be picked up the following Wednesday.

Customers who don’t know which ward they live in should call Monticello City Hall at 367-3415.

Carts must be placed at the curb in the proper way for pick up. The silver bar must be facing the street, the lid must be closed, and the cart cannot be within four feet of any other object. If it is not placed at the curb in the proper way the trash cannot be picked up.

Customers who have not yet received a cart should continue placing their trash in bags until their new cart arrives. The city ran out of carts for Ward 4 customers but has ordered more.