The City of Monticello issued a letter Monday notifiying residents of relatively high sodium content in the city’s water supply.

The water quality is within the allowable limits of the “Primary Drinking Water Standards” of the Safe Drinking Water Act. However, the sodium level taken at one of the wellheads measured above 20 parts per million.

Residents, particularly those on low-sodium and salt-restricted diets, are alerted to the water’s sodium content so that they can take appropriate measures, according to the letter.

The Environmental Protection Agency currently includes sodium on its Contaminant Candidate List.

High levels of salt intake may be associated with hypertension in some individuals, on the other hand, sodium levels in drinking water are usually low and unlikely to be a significant contribution to adverse health events, according to the city’s letter quoting the EPA web site.

Anyone who has questions about the notification is asked to call Monticello City Hall at 870-367-3415.