Hameray Catalog Cover

Five students from Monticello Elementary School are featured on the front cover of the 2012 Hameray Pre-K– 8 catalog that has been distributed nationwide to schools across the United States.

The catalog features an entire selection of Early Literacy and High Interest/Low Vocabulary book collections, that are aligned to the Common Core State Standards.

Hameray Publishing Group, an education publishing company out of San Diego, Calif. selected the photo as the cover of their catalog from a series of photos that were photographed for Gaynell Jamison’s soon-to-be-released children’s book, Where Can I Read?

The students, from left, are Serenia Rodriguez, Aiden Jones, JaTiyah Johnson, Alivia Ramsey and Blane Kizer. In the center is Janine Jamison, a Jefferson County librarian and Jamison’s daughter. They will be featured in Where Can I Read?

Also included in the book are Monticello Elementary School staff members, Tish Thomas and Linda Kemp; Melvin Foster from OEC; and JaTiyah’s mother, Rosalind Daniels.

“Hameray allowed me the opportunity to work with students from my school and local hometown residents by using real photos instead of illustrations,” Jamison said. “My goal was to be able to represent diversity as well as create a story that children could read, relate to and enjoy.

Cover of Gaynell Jamison’s new book

The book will be available January 2012 from Hameray Publishing Group.

Jamison has two children’s books that were previously published by Hameray in 2010: Halloween Night and My Loose Tooth.

Brandy VanDee of VanDee Photography in Monticello was the photographer for this project.