Ten Monticello High School students were selected for the Senior All-Region Choir and qualified to audition for the All State Choir, while nine Monticello ninth grade students were selected for the All-Region Junior Chorus.
Monticello High School students selected to the Senior  Southeast Arkansas All-Region Choir:
Jessica Craven,  Soprano 1, fifth chair
Amy James,  Soprano 1, seventh chair
Celeste Richard,  Soprano 1, tenth chair
Shekeyna Donald,  Soprano 2, sixth chair
Erin Jones,  Alto 2, fifth chair
John Bonfanti, Tenor 2, third chair
Marty Andrews,  Tenor 2, eighth chair
Logan Bone,  Bass 1, ninth chair
Michael Baines, Bass 1, tenth chair
David deRueda,  Bass 2, fourth chair
All 10 of the students qualified to audition for the Arkansas All-State Choir on February 3.
The following ninth grade students made the Junior All-Region Chorus:
Michaela Gay,  Soprano 1, second chair
Shavrion Ollison   Alto 2, ninth chair
Iesha Williams,   Alto 2, tenth chair
Moesha Williams   Alto 2, 20th chair
Brendan Davis,  Bass 1,  second chair
Randy Stanley,  Bass 2, second chair