Jordyn Nowlen


Monticello’s Jordyn Nowlen recently set a state squat record in her age and weight class and became the powerlifting champion in her division at the Southern Powerlifting Association’s Proving Ground Classic Powerlifting Meet in Russellville.

Nowlen, 16, lifted in the female 16-17 age group in the 148-pound weight class, squatting 300 pounds, bench pressing 135 pounds and deadlifting 300 pounds, for a total of 735 pounds. She had a perfect day, going 9-for-9. She also successfully squated 315 pounds but that lift did not count toward her 9-lift total.

Lifters were allowed three squat attempts, three bench press attempts and three deadlift attempts with each best attempt giving the lifter a total. However, Nowlen actually went 10-for-10. Because her third squat of 300 pounds was good, she was allowed a fourth lift in a record attempt which would not count toward her 9-lift total. In that attempt, she successfully squatted 315 pounds.

She finished the day as the weight class champion and the holder of the state squat record for her division.

Nowlen lifted in the Raw-No Wraps division, meaning lifters could use no supportive knee or wrist wraps and no supportive squat or bench suits. Only shoes, socks, a cotton lifting suit, and lifting belt were allowed.

The daughter of Elizabeth and Joe Nowlen of Monticello, Nowlen is trained by Colby Ladd at Matt Cotton’s All Time Fitness Gym. She is a student at Monticello High School where she is a member of the softball team and cross country team.