The collapsed two-story building on the south side of Monticello’s town square is one step closer to demolition. The second floor of the rear portion of the building collapsed nearly two years ago following several weeks of heavy rainfall.

The Monticello City Council agreed Thursday night to advertise for bids to have the building razed. However, the owner, Leslie McKiever, had hoped that it could be rebuilt to maintain the historical character of the town square, according to a letter to Monticello Mayor Allen Maxwell from McKiever’s Dermott attorney Charles Sidney Gibson.

“Right now she is in the process of determining if the building can be rebuilt with a view of maintaining the historical character of the square,” Gibson wrote. “Leslie has two concerns — public safety and either removing an eyesore or rehabilitating the property.”

Asked for a recommendation at the Thursday night city council meeting, Maxwell told the council the city could advertise for bids to raze the building and still reject or not process the bid based on cost.

“I don’t think this is going to be an easy project at all,” Maxwell said, explaining that the big problem will be getting the second floor down.

“Once you get the second floor down, it’s much easier to deal with the first floor, obviously,” Maxwell said. “They’re thinking they can take a trackhoe and gently push it over but I don’t know that that is how a contractor would bid this.”