Larry Coulter, Susan Fortè, and Charles Cunningham

Montrose Mayor Larry Coulter has been appointed to the Houseaboutit board of directors. The organization is a Little Rock-based non-profit community and economic development agency that works with small economically under-served cities and communities in the delta and rural Arkansas. Coulter, mayor of the City of Montrose, has made great strides in promoting entrepreneurism in Ashley County, according to a Houseaboutit news release.
Founded in July of 2007, Houseaboutit specializes in implementing educational services and coordinating services to aid in restoring, building, and revitalizing small communities in the Delta and other rural areas in Arkansas.

Also appointed to the board was Charles Cunningham, a member of the Benton City County and Central Arkansas Development Council retiree; Iverson Jackson, pastor of Zoe Church; and Wonder Lowe, a Hope Federal Credit Union program officer.

Coulter, left, is pictured with Cunningham, right, and Houseaboutit executive director Susan Fortè, center.