The Monticello Police Department has installed a new recorded answering service. This service was put into use approximately a week ago.

“We have made some changes as of March 12, to make it more convenient,” said Monticello Police Chief Eddy Deaton. “We hope this service will direct your calls more efficiently and provide you with the information you are requesting.”

The list of departments, as they are heard on the recorded message, are as follows:

1.You have reached the Monticello Police Department, if this is an emergency. Hang up and dial 911.

2. For copies of reports, dial ext. 227

3. For information about a ticket, court date or fines, dial ext. 234 or 235.

4. If you need Information about a person who’s been arrested, call 460-6215.

5. To speak with a dispatcher, dial ext. 222.

6. To report a utility outage, dial ext. 500.

7. For a list of city offices, dial ext. 501.

8. For Criminal Investigations, dial ext. 228.

9. For Capt. Carlos Garcia, dial ext. 240.

10. For Chief Eddy Deaton, dial ext. 224.

An extension may be dialed at anytime during the message.