Arkansas will likely see heavy rainfall on August 30 and 31, wind gusts of 25 to 35 miles per hour, power outages due to weakened tree limbs, and possible isolated tornadoes, according to a Hurricane Isaac briefing from John Lewis, senior forecaster for the National Weather Service in Little Rock.  In the briefing Lewis also explained why the models are having such a difficult time with Isaac.

“One of big reasons,” he said, “is you’ve got a building ridge of high pressure from the Ohio valley on in to the southeast United States. Models are having difficulty deciding how strong this ridge will become and how rapidly it will build. But as it does get bigger it is pushing Isaac farther and farther to the west. So lately with time, and over the past few days, the models have gone anywhere from Florida, on into the central Gulf Coast, on into Louisiana…. Now the  models are pretty much in agreement that the system will go over western Arkansas and up into Missouri. The heaviest rain, he said, will fall along an east track of Isaac with central and southern Arkansas likely getting the most.