Dermott Tornado


An EF1 tornado with winds reaching 105 miles per hour ripped through Dermott Sunday night, snapping and uprooting trees, damaging property and injuring an employee at the Delta Regional Correctional Facility, according to the National Weather Service in Jackson, Mississippi.

The tornado started on the southwest side of Dermott, just west of Buckner Lane, where it snapped several trees. As it crossed Buckner, six power poles were taken down. It then crossed Trotter Street, where more trees were snapped and others uprooted. A fence was knocked down as well. A few homes had minor roof damage where shingles were blown off.

The tornado then moved across US 165 and through an open field before it tracked to the South Delta Regional Correctional Facility. The facility, which took a direct hit, sustained quite a bit of damage. Several large sections of the outer fence were leveled and five buildings on the south side of the complex sustained some roof damage. The gym, a metal structure, was heavily damaged where a large section of wall was removed. Half of the roof of the main building at the complex was lifted or had parts removed. Windows were blown out of a couple of the guard watch towers. One employee sustained a broken leg as he attempted to exit a tower and broke a leg.

The tornado then moved into a wooded area, where trees were snapped and a metal carport was thrown and destroyed. As the tornado crossed Arkansas 35, more trees were damaged and one home sustained minor roof damage.

The tornado continued across US 65 and snapped more trees then moved through a large wooded area and farmland before crossing into Desha County. It crossed Highway 159 snapping and uprooting more trees, damaging the roof on a home and destroying a wood-framed shed. Though the tornado likely dissipated farther east, no access was available to that area due to flooding.