Order was restored well before 11 p.m. in Gould Thursday night where Gould Mayor Earnest Nash Jr. said he was attacked with a gun near a Gould service station, following months of harassment and threats.

Nash says he was hit with the weapon by a relative of a Gould City Council member in the presence of other council members.

Enroute to Gould Thursday night, Seark Today was cautioned to “be careful” by a Lincoln County law enforcement officer who had just left the city. He said the mayor and his family were being escorted to another town for their protection.

The town was quiet by 11 p.m. A State Trooper was parked at the service station and another was patrolling the area

But things were quite different earlier Thursday night. During Nash’s interview with Fox16 News, Gould City Councilwoman Sonya Farley arrived in a silver car and confronted Nash. The confrontation was captured on video tape by the Little Rock news station.

Nash identified the silver car as the vehicle driven by his attacker. He said Farley was present when he was attacked.

The attack on Nash and subsequent confrontation with Farley are the latest events in an ongoing controversy at Gould.

A Lincoln County resident told Seark Today earlier this week that the mayor and city council are trying to destroy each other. “The mayor is the right arm of the city (government) and the council is the left arm and they’re trying to strangle each other,” he said.

Several weeks ago, the Gould City Council adopted an ordinance making it illegal to form any group or organization in that city without council approval, and adopted separate measures making it illegal for Nash to meet with any organization inside or outside of the Gould city limits without council approval and requiring the Gould Citizens Advisory Council to “cease to exist.”

Prior to the attack on Nash, the Gould Citizens Advisory Council filed a lawsuit against Gould aldermen Harry Hall and Rosieanna Smith, claiming that they are not eligible to serve on the city council because Hall allegedly has a criminal record and Smith allegedly doesn’t live in the Ward she represents.