Paige Chase

Paige Chase

Paige Chase has been selected as the Drew County Democratic Party’s nominee for the Ward 4, Position 2 seat on the Monticello City Council for the upcoming two-year term.

Since no Republican filed for the office, she has effectively won the seat.

After opening up the nomination process and calling for applications from Ward 4 residents, Chase was the only person to seek the nomination.

She is currently completing the unexpired term of her late husband, Dr. Tim Chase. That term ends on December 31, 2016.

Dr. Chase, who had held the seat since 2004, was the Democratic Party’s initial nominee for the upcoming two-year term. He won the nomination with 63 percent of the vote. He died six weeks after the March 1 primary.

Paige Chase said it was her husband’s deep love and respect for the city of Monticello that inspired her to serve. She has served on the Monticello Parks Commission and is active in her church and community.