Fabled Motion Pictures has announced the release of the trailer premiere of The Perfect Host: A Southern Gothic Tale.

Co-written and directed by Arkansas native Derrick Sims (Come Morning), the picture was filmed in and around the infamous Allen House in Monticello in Spring 2016. It is currently in post-production in Wellington, New Zealand.

The Perfect Host: A Southern Gothic Tale is the story of a woman who returned, after many years, to her childhood home to bury her grandmother. While there, the woman and her daughter set up temporary residence in the Allen House. There is something odd about the elderly homeowners, but something even more peculiar about the property. The woman soon begins to unearth its history and finds the Allen House may contain something far more sinister than her elderly hosts.

The Perfect Host recently received an opportunity to have the final sound mix and colour completed at the world-renown Park Road Post (The Lord of the Rings, King Kong, District 9), and to help cover the cost, they’ve launched a new online fundraiser. The production has recently hired Arkansas-born-Los Angeles-based composer Cameron Chambers to do all music composition for the film, and part of the new fundraiser will cover his fees, orchestration costs, and recording. Plans are to record local, Arkansas choirs for the soundtrack.

Production will begin submitting to film festivals across the globe beginning in mid-January. Once the film is selected for its first festival, announcements will be made in press releases and social media sites.

For more information about the fundraising effort or to view the new trailer, visit the film’s Indiegogo page at: igg.me/at/PerfectHostFilm/x

Follow the film on social media and at Fabled Motion Pictures’ website for updates, film stills, and upcoming premiere dates.