Michael Pomeroy and Drew County Historical Society member Connie Mullis with a Dan Coston painting of the Monticello POW Chapel

Former Drew County resident Michael Pomeroy on Friday presented the Drew County Historical Museum with a “one-of-a-kind” Dan Coston painting of the Monticello POW Chapel that was once located near the present-day Drew County fairgrounds.

Pomeroy and Coston, also a former Drew County resident and whose mother is a member of the historical society, collaborated to create the painting.

Pomeroy, and his late father, Ed Pomeroy, had a couple of old photos of the Monticello POW Chapel. Using those photos and Pomeroy’s memory, Coston and Pomeroy worked together to help Coston visualize the detailed description of the chapel altar.

Pomeroy, who has been fascinated with the history of the POW camp since a young boy, had seen the chapel as a child but Coston had never seen it in person, according to Drew County Historical Society member Beth Thurman.

“The painting is actually a draft,” Pomeroy explained. “It is one of several that will be produced by the artist while testing various canvas sizes, levels of detail, backgrounds, etc. This particular painting was given to me by Mr. Coston as a thank you for supplying him with the only two known images of the chapel and for trying to help him fill in as many of the missing details, not easily seen in the photos, as possible. This was, as I was to learn, all part of the artistic process, fascinating in and of itself. It was essential to having  him form an understanding of the site and of the structure itself.”

Upon receiving the gift, Pomeroy contacted friends who donated their framing services and Pomeroy donated the painting to the museum.

The image is copywritten by Dan Coston.