State health officials on Tuesday reported 4,107 new confirmed and probable coronavirus cases and 36 additional Covid-19 deaths, bringing the total number of known infections in Arkansas to 238,888 and the number of deaths to 3,836 since the start of the pandemic.

The state is also seeing a record number of coronavirus-related hospitalizations. Over the last 24 hours, the number of hospitalizations rose by 27 to 1,323.

Dr. Cam Patterson, chancellor of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and a member of the Governor’s Covid-19 Winter Task Force, said the state’s hospital system is strained but it isn’t breaking.

“We are stressed. We are strained. But the system is not breaking at the present moment,” Patterson said. “We do have finite resources, so we do need to be careful as to how we manage those resources, and we need to continue to do everything that we can as a state to mitigate the consequences of Covid-19 while we wait for the effects of the vaccine to impact us in a positive manner.”

See Arkansas’ vaccination plan HERE.

Covid-19 Cases in Southeast Arkansas

Ashley County

Total Cumulative Cases: 1,326
Confirmed Cases: 1,113
Probable Cases: 213

Total Active Cases: 113
Active Confirmed Cases: 79
Active Probable Cases: 34

Total Recovered Cases: 1,192
Recovered Confirmed Cases: 1,015
Recovered Probable Cases: 177

Total Deaths: 21
Confirmed Deaths: 19
Probable Deaths: 2

Bradley County

Total Cumulative Cases: 986
Confirmed Cases: 778
Probable Cases: 208

Total Active Cases: 95
Active Confirmed Cases: 77
Active Probable Cases: 18

Total Recovered Cases: 875
Recovered Confirmed Cases: 692
Recovered Probable Cases: 183

Total Deaths: 16
Confirmed Deaths: 9
Probable Deaths: 7

Chicot County

Total Cumulative Cases: 1,434
Confirmed Cases: 1,335
Probable Cases: 99

Total Active Cases: 44
Active Confirmed Cases: 37
Active Probable Cases: 7

Total Recovered Cases: 1,358
Recovered Confirmed Cases: 1,267
Recovered Probable Cases: 91

Total Deaths: 32
Confirmed Deaths: 31
Probable Deaths: 1

Cleveland County

Total Cumulative Cases: 596
Confirmed Cases: 407
Probable Cases: 189

Total Active Cases: 55
Active Confirmed Cases: 31
Active Probable Cases: 24

Total Recovered Cases: 521
Recovered Confirmed Cases: 359
Recovered Probable Cases: 162

Total Deaths: 20
Confirmed Deaths: 17
Probable Deaths: 3

Desha County

Total Cumulative Cases: 991
Confirmed Cases: 830
Probable Cases: 161

Total Active Cases: 92
Active Confirmed Cases: 64
Active Probable Cases: 28

Total Recovered Cases: 888
Recovered Confirmed Cases: 756
Recovered Probable Cases: 132

Total Deaths: 11
Confirmed Deaths: 10
Probable Deaths: 1

Drew County

Total Cumulative Cases: 1,520
Confirmed Cases: 1,213
Probable Cases: 307

Total Active Cases: 146
Active Confirmed Cases: 118
Active Probable Cases: 28

Total Recovered Cases: 1,354
Recovered Confirmed Cases: 1,079
Recovered Probable Cases: 275

Total Deaths: 20
Confirmed Deaths: 16
Probable Deaths: 4

Lincoln County

Total Cumulative Cases: 2,852
Confirmed Cases: 2,630
Probable Cases: 222

Total Active Cases: 76
Active Confirmed Cases: 48
Active Probable Cases: 28

Total Recovered Cases: 2,749
Recovered Confirmed Cases: 2,560
Recovered Probable Cases: 189

Total Deaths: 26
Confirmed Deaths: 21
Probable Deaths: 5

— Arkansas Department of Health