Robert Akin, an independent candidate for Drew County judge, received the endorsement today of his former Republican opponent, Jessie Griffin.

“I’m endorsing Robert because I believe he is the best candidate at this time and I believe he would make an excellent judge for Drew County,” Griffin said. “I’m asking the people who voted for me to get out and vote for Robert.”

Akin said he appreciates Griffin’s endorsement and is pleased that Griffin believes he is the most qualified candidate for the office.

The county judge’s race, Akin said, has been a “good clean race with very little negativity.”

“We just need the facts,” he said, adding that he is a small business owner who has experience working with budgets, bids, and building things. “That’s what the county judge does,” Akin said. “He’s the person who is over all the construction for the county and with my 30 years experience (in construction) I think I’m the best candidate.”

At a press conference Monday morning, Akin and Griffin both said they wanted to set the record straight right away that Griffin would not receive nor did he expect any favors, such as a job with the county, in return for the endorsement.

“Make no mistake about it, there’s no promises from Robert for me to have a job,” Griffin said. “I will not work for the county if Robert Akin is county judge… We’re going to stop any rumors on that before they get started. Jessie Griffin will not work for the county under (Akin’s) administration.”

Akin, who finished second in a 3-man race for county judge in the November 6 general election, faces the Democratic nominee Robin Hood in the November 27 runoff.