Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge, a Republican candidate for governor, has announced a plan to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot in 2022 to permanently eliminate Arkansas’ personal income tax.

Rutledge’s news release:

Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge announced the first phase of her economic initiative to Make Arkansas First: “The Rutledge Plan.” The Rutledge Plan is a grassroots effort to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot to permanently eliminate Arkansas’s personal income tax. Rutledge believes the people of Arkansas and not politicians should be the ones to make this decision.


As Attorney General, Rutledge has long supported the successful efforts to incrementally lower state income taxes and committed to eliminating the tax after announcing her candidacy for Governor in July 2020. Additionally, Rutledge signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge in May of this year, committing to oppose any tax increase as governor.


Rutledge, who has been vocal about efforts that would make Arkansas more competitive with neighboring states, said in her video announcement about The Rutledge Plan:


“For too long Arkansas politicians have talked about doing away with the state income tax, but it’s time to stop talking and start doing. I’m running for Governor to Make Arkansas First, in job creation and economic development. I don’t just want to compete; I want to beat our neighboring states of Tennessee, Texas, and Florida.  It is past time to eliminate the personal income tax. Under my plan, every hard-working Arkansan will get a tax break, seniors will get to stay in the state that they love, small businesses will have the tax break that they need. Big corporations have plenty of folks fighting for their tax breaks; I’m fighting for you and our small businesses, the very backbone of our Arkansas economy. Step one in Arkansas’s economic future starts today. I’m launching a grassroots effort to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot to permanently eliminate the personal income tax. Because I believe the people of Arkansas and not the politicians are the best ones to make this decision.”


Rutledge recognizes that Arkansas is at a disadvantage to attract new businesses, investors, and residents when nine states including neighboring states of Texas, Tennessee, and Florida have already abolished their income tax.


The Rutledge Plan is the initial phase of Rutledge’s economic vision as Governor, building on her work over the past seven years as Attorney General fighting for Arkansans’ economic interests. Recently, Rutledge sued the Biden Administration over their radical economic policies and infringement on state’s rights. With Arkansans facing inflation, higher taxes from the Biden Administration, rising gas prices, and increasing economic competition from neighboring states, the time is now to give tax relief to hardworking people.