Two Southeast Arkansas men charged in connection with a 2016 video showing someone slashing a dog’s throat while another person videos it, received a suspended sentences and placed on supervised probation Thursday in Bastrop, Louisiana.

Steven Sadler and Boots Stanley, both 24 of Hamburg, pleaded guilty in April to aggravated cruelty to animals. They each faced a possible maximum 10-year prison sentence or maximum $25,000 fine.

Judge Carl Sharp, presiding in 4th Judicial District Court in Bastrop, Louisiana, handed down 3-year suspended sentences (probation) and $5,000 fine for Sadler and Stanley. If they don’t pay the fine they will be ordered to spend a year in jail. They will be placed on supervised probation and may not possess weapons, use alcohol, or own animals. They are also required to undergo a psychological evaluation and serve 480 hours of community service over a period of a year. Half of the community service hours will be waived if they donate $5,000 to the Morehouse Animal Shelter. The court will consider terminating their probation after one year.

Sadler and Stanley’s crime came to the attention of law enforcement authorities in August 2016 when a Hamburg police officer reportedly saw the SnapChat video shared on Facebook.

Sadler subsequently was identified as the person who cut the dog’s throat. Stanley was identified as the person who videoed it. The crime was said to have occurred in Bastrop.