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Drew Central Media Specialist Sheila Gardner is not sure what the dark shadowy image is in the photo she took during a recent tour of the Allen House with some of her students, but she says she is almost certain the children were in another room when she snapped the photo.

“We did look at the picture we took of the kids in front of the Allen House and no one had on dark clothes,” Gardner said.

While touring the house, Gardner said she was taking the picture of the light reflection on the wall with plans to tease the students about an orb. She did not see the shadowy figure while taking the picture.

“I know the shadow was not in the picture when I took it,” she said.

Gardner and four adults had taken nine students to tour the house as a reward for their reading points.

While in the dining room, which is described by Allen House owner Mark Spencer as the most “active” room, one of the women on the tour with Gardner and the children was taping on her phone and her buckled watch suddenly fell from her wrist to the floor, Gardner said.

“We listened to EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena) and then moved into the library,” she said, outlining in chronological order of the events that occurred before she snapped the photo. “I went back into the dining room to take the picture of the reflection. When I got the picture back we noticed the black shadow in corner.”

She also pointed out the framed photo in the photo on the left. “It looks like a woman’s face reflected in it,” she said.

“It was an awesome visit,” Gardner said. “One the kids will never forget.”

The Allen House is a mansion on North Main Street in Monticello where Ladell Allen, the daughter of a prosperous Monticello businessman, intentionally ingested mercury cyanide more than 50 years ago. The house is rumored to be haunted.

Here’s a feature story I wrote about the Allen House in 2009: A Toxic Affair.
It tells, with documentation, the likely reason Ladell killed herself, solving a 50-year-old mystery.