This is part of a series of stories by State Rep. Sheilla Lampkin’s about extension homemakers clubs. The series was written in recognition of the 100th anniversary of EHCs in Arkansas.

The “Scrapbookers Club” is a special interest club organized by a group of women interested in scrapbooking. Margaret Reddick is the instructor and Marie Jackson is the club president. Other officers are Onnie Simpson, secretary, and Sandra Burnett, songleader.  The club meets the third Tuesday of each month at 5 p.m. at the club room.

Each month, members arrange their family, and other photos, in a scrapbook that is orderly and attractive. Members say it is fun to socialize while tackling this new and decorative way of mounting and displaying their favorite photos, whether they be pictures of family members, vacations, special events, etc… New members are always encouraged and welcomed.

The new club may be a beginning to the likely growth of EHC clubs built around a common interest rather than a community-based group. This concept could be the route Extension Homemakers Clubs must take in the next centennial to survive and thrive.

That said, congratulations, Scrapbookers! You have likely encouraged a new tradition in the Arkansas Extension Homemakers Clubs program. Many ideas for other future clubs are floating around, including clubs that could be thematic; like a recipe-swapping club, a young mothers’ club, a needlepoint club, a computer club, a reading club, etc… The possibilities are endless and the sky is the limit.