SeaArk Boats vice president of sales Steve Henderson and SeaArk Boats president Robin McClendon

After several calls to the factory, SeaArk Boats, recreation aluminum boat builder, is trying to avoid further confusion arising from the recent announcement by its sister company, SeaArk Marine.

Seark Marine, on August 29, announced that the company had made the decision to suspend acceptance of new boat orders until further notice.  made on August 29th. SeaArk Marine manufactures work and patrol boats for the military and government agencies as well as commercial boats for various industrial markets.

Due to very sporadic and extremely low sales figures for nearly 24 consecutive months, SeaArk Marine President John McClendon said it would attempt to “ride out” the effects of the current market until substantial improvements in the government and industrial marine sector appears apparent.

Conversely, SeaArk Boats has enjoyed solid sales for the past twelve months and has just finished a record year. SeaArk Boats wants its dealers and customers not to be confused between the two companies.

SeaArk Boats and SeaArk Marine, Inc. are two entirely different companies and operated by two separate management teams in different locations. They build completely different products and while SeaArk Marine sells direct to their end user, SeaArk Boats distributes recreational products to consumers through an authorized dealer network across the United States.

“The confusion can happen because of the shared ‘SeaArk’ part of the name of our two companies and also because of the same family owning both companies,” said Robin McClendon, president of SeaArk Boats and sister to John McClendon, the president of SeaArk Marine.

“We want to reassure our dealers and customers that SeaArk Boats continues to enjoy solid sales and profits and has no plans to cease operations or change the way we are currently doing business,” Robin McClendon said. “We have new models and options planned for introduction at our upcoming Dealer Meeting and In-Water Show in mid-September.”

SeaArk Boats was established in 1992 to produce all-welded aluminum pleasure boats. Since its conception in 1992, the company has grown and currently has a dealer base of over one hundred across the U.S.