The Arkansas Senate on Thursday voted 25-7 to refer to voters a constitutional amendment that would permanently extend the state’s half-cent sales tax for highways.

The tax, originally approved for 10 years in 2012, is projected to raise approximately $205 million a year to repair and improve Arkansas roads and highways.

The proposed tax extension, which will be on the 2020 General Election ballot, is part of a $300 million highway funding plan. The first part passed earlier this week.

“With the Senate’s passage of HJR1018 this afternoon and the legislature’s passage of the $95 million highway-funding bill earlier this week, the 92nd General Assembly has approved the largest and most comprehensive long-term highway funding plan in state history,” Gov. Asa Hutchinson said in a news release. “Because of the passage of HJR1018, Arkansas voters will have the final word on funding for the construction and repair of the roads they drive each and every day.

Hutchinson will sign the $300 million highway-funding package on Tuesday, March 12.