Sonny Thornhill


Reason for entering the mayor’s race:

I have loved politics since my seventh grade civics class, thank you Coach Hobson.  I went to city council meetings before I was old enough to vote.  Leading Monticello into the future as the Mayor will be one of my greatest honors, I have always wanted this.

What distinguishes me from the other candidates:

I care about Monticello because I was born and raised here. I want Monticello to stay a great place and to be an even better place for my children to grow up. I have been on the city council and have made decisions for the city. I have 18 years of military leadership and experience. I am a veteran of the Iraq War and know how to handle myself under fire, this alone gives me the ability to handle myself under stress and pressure.

Full-time mayor:

I will be a full-time mayor. When I am elected, the job of Mayor will have my full devotion.

My focus:

For the interim, my focus will be to make sure the city’s day to day operations are continued and to make sure the city has a festival that draws more people to Monticello and makes the citizens proud.  Monticello is the economic hub of Southeast Arkansas and we need a festival to show our city off.  A great festival helps businesses and brings in tax revenue for the city.  When I am elected for the four year term in November, I will continue to work with the City Council on a 30 year plan to focus on making Monticello an entertainment power house, in the same way Branson, Missouri has done.  We cannot invent jobs but we can provide the atmosphere for growth of a service sector.

City improvements:

Monticello is a great place to live and raise a family, but we need things for our children, families, college students and adults to do for entertainment. I will work with existing entertainment businesses and pursue additional businesses to fill the gaps; this will keep tax revenue in Monticello and keep the city an inviting place to visit. I will have a plan for continuous street repair and resurfacing. I will work toward implementing a Makerspace to help small businesses start and grow without the extreme overhead of purchasing machinery.

Implementing city improvements:

I will work with the city council, city businesses, and with the people of Monticello by having town hall meetings to get input from our people to move Monticello into the future and make our city a must stop spot on the map.


Forty years of knowing the town and its people, leadership on the city council from 2001 to 2003, military leadership and the know how to stand up and do what is right for our great city.

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