The speed limits on certain roads in Arkansas are set to increase.

The Arkansas Highway Commission has adopted a study saying speed limits could be increased to 75 miles per hour on rural interstates. The speed limit on some urban interstates and some rural four-lane highways will increase from 60 miles per hour to 65 miles per hour. The speed limit on other rural highways will remain at 55 miles per hour. Read the speed limit study.

Current speed limits will remain in effect until new traffic signs are installed which will likely take a little over two months.

The Arkansas Department of Transportation, pursuant to Act 784 of 2019, conducted an engineering and traffic investigation to determine the feasibility of increasing the speed limits on state highways. The investigation reviewed four groups: rural interstates, urban interstates, rural multi-lane highways, and other rural highways. The department completed the speed limit review and findings, according to an Arkansas Highway Commission Minute Order directing the Arkansas Department of Transportation director to publish the study and set the speed limits.