St. Mark’s Catholic Church

A Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults Class will be offered starting September 22 at 6 p.m. in the Education wing of St. Mark’s Catholic Church in Monticello. The church is located at the corner of Hyatt and Jefferson streets.

“We invite persons with no religious background who are interested in becoming Christians or those who have backgrounds in other Christian denominations and would like to learn more about Roman Catholicism to join us,” said Don Stephan, class leader.

Practicing Catholics who would like to study the faith from an adult perspective are also invited to sit in on the class sessions, according to Stephan.

Based on the system of teaching the faith used in the early Church for those who were not Christian, Stephan said, the class will initially focus on the basics. “We will explore questions including Who is Jesus Christ? God the Father? The Holy Spirit? What are the Scriptures and how does the Church interpret them?” Stephan said. “Further, we will explore the history and tradition of the Church as the faith is passed from one generation to another down through the ages.”

Other topics to be covered during the class include different forms of prayer; scripture and tradition and what they teach about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the hope of eternal life Jesus presents.

Next, the class will focus on the Catholic Church and its seven sacraments. Tours of the Church will be conducted and the liturgy and Mass explained. The structure and authority of the church is also examined in the class. “Finally, we discuss the role of Mary and the saints and how modeling our lives after these faithful servants can assist a person in being open to God’s grace and accepting God’s call in our lives,” Stephan said.

The last part of the RCIA class looks at what is expected of all Christians. The Ten Commandments are examined individually and in detail.

“We will also examine social justice and the call to help our brothers and sisters in need and finally we examine how all of us are called to be workers in the vineyard,” Stephan concluded.

Those interested in the class are welcome to attend the first meeting or call Don Stephan, class leader, at 870-377-0005 or
[email protected] for further information.