SCHS art students: Allie Sirois, Dominique Smith, (back row) Morgan Taylor, Haley Bishop, Deja Thomas and Deon Smith.

When you see teapots that look like animals, aliens, and humans you know that you have gone down the rabbit hole and are now part of a mad tea party.  Students in Roger Darren High’s Art II class at Star City High School recently designed and sculpted teapots as part of a lesson in ceramics.

The assignment required each student to sculpt clay to create a teapot capable of holding water which included a removable lid, a functional handle, and a functional spout.

Beyond those requirements students were given creative freedom to sculpt any teapot they could imagine, creating original works of art.

Students applied a variety of ceramics construction techniques including pinch pot, coil, slab, and slip and score in order to sculpt the teapots.  The students then glazed the completed teapots.

Completed works included traditional teapots as well as unusual teapots that resembled an elephant, an alien spaceship, a football player, Pikachu from Pokemon, a pig from the video game Angry Birds, a lady bug, and more.

The teapots are currently on display at Star City High School.