Voting2Students at Star City High School who will celebrate their 18th birthday on or before election day recently registered to vote with the assistance of Ralph Burns, the outreach coordinator in the the elections division of the Arkansas Secretary of State’s office.

Burns, who visited Star City High School on April 20, spoke to the students about election laws and answered questions about the voting process such as different ways students can vote when they move away to go to college.

Students completed voter registration forms that will allow them to vote in upcoming elections, provided that they turn 18 on or before election day.

Burns also demonstrated how to use electronic ballots and allowed the students to practice by casting a sample ballot.

Star City High School art teacher Roger Darren High organized the voter registration event. This is the sixth time High has worked with Burns to register students to vote (twice for Star City High School and four times for Dermott High School).

“Helping our students to become registered voters is one of the most important things we can do as educators,” High said. “Becoming a registered voter is an important step to helping our students make the transition from student to responsible citizen. It is important that we teach our students to become politically active and to exercise their right to vote. By voting in local, state, and national elections students can have a voice in the political process and help decide what kind of government we will have.”

[In the photo above, Burns teaches Star City High School students Justin Rudder, Josh Montgomery, and Hailey West how to use an electronic voting machine.]




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