State Police are investigating the fatal shooting of a Crossett man killed early Christmas morning in Hamburg after visiting relatives.

According to a State Police news release, Todd A. Martin, 33, of Crossett, had parked his vehicle outside 408 Chicago and walked across the street to 407 Chicago to visit family members. Later, Martin left 407 Chicago Street and got into his vehicle. As he was driving away, he was shot. His vehicle continued moving and rolled across the street where it hit the side of the home where he had previously visited relatives.

Hamburg police officers, the first to respond to the shooting, received a call at 1:48 a.m. when the vehicle collided into the side of the home. Martin was found dead at the scene.

Local police requested State Police Special Agents to investigate what they reported to be a fatal shooting. State Police conducted numerous interviews, but no arrests have been made.

Martin’s body was transported to the Arkansas State Crime Lab to determine the exact manner and cause of death and recovery of other forensic evidence, according to the news release.