Star City students recently addressed some of the most common issues facing the world today by creating artwork.

Students in Roger Darren High’s Art II class at Star City High School recently created posters that allowed them to use artwork in order to take a stand on a social issue or world problem that is important to them.

The assignment required students to select an issue they care deeply about and want to try to do something about and create a poster using the media and technique of their choosing in order to express their viewpoint.

Issues selected included: animal abuse, immigration, education, gun rights, drunk driving, bullying, terrorism, war, discrimination, dating abuse, smoking, gay marriage, suicide, gas prices, racism, pollution, breast cancer, supporting the military, human rights, the National Security Agency spying , texting and driving, police brutality, and child abuse.

“I’m for the second amendment because I enjoy hunting and wouldn’t want someone taking my guns away,” said junior Nick James.

The project allowed students to use artwork in order to express their views on issues they care deeply about and that personally affect their lives, while using the artwork to persuade others to feel the same way they do about the issue.

“If a woman loves another woman or a man loves another man, let them be together. How in the world does it affect YOU?” said sophomore Kaitlyn McKinzie who created a poster supporting gay marriage.

The posters are currently on display at Star City High School.