Monticello Christian Academy


Three students of the Monticello Christian Academy recently received Presidential Community Service awards at a victory ceremony.

Christin Sullivan was awarded a silver medal while Braxton Shelton and Hayley Hunter were awarded bronze medals. The students donated 400 hours of volunteer service to their community. Those service activities included a food drive collecting more than 500 pounds of food, singing to senior citizens, and delivering meals and commodities to meals-on-wheels recipients at the local senior citizens center.

Kelly Word, director of education at Monticello Christian Academy, and Monticello Mayor Zack Tucker presented the awards to the students. The students received a medal of honor, a certificate of achievement, and a letter from the President of the United States.

Over the last two years, six Monticello Christian Academy students have received President Community Service awards.

Pictured above, bottom row from left to right: Hayley Hunter, Braxton Shelton and Christin Sullivan; and top row, Monticello Christian Academy Education Director Kelly Word and Mayor Zack Tucker.