Tim Chase

Monticello Alderman Tim Chase will serve as mayor of Monticello until June when a special election will be held to elect someone to complete the late Mayor Allen Maxwell’s unexpired term.

The term expires on December 31, 2014.

Chase, a dentist, has served as the Ward 4, Position 2 city alderman since 2004 and is the son-in-law of the late mayor.

The Monticello City Council Tuesday night unanimously adopted a resolution calling for the special election and appointing Chase to serve until a new interim mayor is elected to complete Maxwell’s term. The special election will be held on June 24.

City attorney Witt Barton said the political parties have agreed to forgo a primary for the special election. Instead, the parties will nominate a candidate by caucus or party convention. The Democrats have already done so, nominating Zack Tucker as their candidate in both the special election and the November General Election. Tucker served as Maxwell’s assistant.

The Republicans have not yet nominated a candidate for the special election and the filing deadline has passed for the GOP to nominate a candidate for the next 4-year term. The filing period has not yet begun for independents.

Maxwell, who died on March 10, was the only Democrat to file for the upcoming 4-year term.

Thomas “Sonny” Thornhill, a former Monticello alderman and U.S. Army veteran who served in Iraq, and Sam Wherry of Monticello have both announced their intentions to seek the office. Presumably, Thornhill and Wherry would file as independents.