2018 Farm FamilyFarming is a staple of Arkansas living, especially in the Delta. Many of those that work the land have grown up around farms, and the 2018 Drew County Farm Family of the Year is no different.

Second-generation row-crop farmer Tony Adams, his wife Letica, their two children, Josh and Rachel, and Rachel’s husband Luke Beatty have been honored with that selection this year.

The Adamses join other farm families across The Natural State vying for eight district Farm Family awards and, in July, recognition as the Farm Family of the Year in Arkansas.

“There’s no doubt I’m a blessed man,” Tony Adams said. “The Lord watches over me every day; He allows me to have a great family behind me. We can only do what He allows us to do. It’s the same thing with the farming operations, the way He allows me to get up and go to work every day.”

This year, the Adamses will grow soybeans and corn on their 2,300 acres, located off Florence Road. Tony said he has grown rice in the past but this year the concentration is more on other crops. Corn will be planted even though Tony said last year was mainly soybeans because “it was not a good year for corn.”

The 2018 Drew County award winner said he learned most of what he knows from his grandfather and uncle, both of whom were farmers. His uncle, Mike Adams, still helps him today—along with the entire family and a group of employees Tony said he can’t live without.

“My family all pitches in,” he said, “but I’ve got more (employees) that deserve this award as much as I do.”

Any farm family in Arkansas is eligible to be named an Arkansas Farm Family—and Drew County has been a part of the selection process every year but two since 1981. The family may be an owner or tenant and may have income from sources other than agriculture.


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