Cub Scouts tree planting

The Monticello Tree Board, in cooperation with the City of Monticello, will conduct a tree planting clinic at the Monticello Sports Complex on December 3 at 10:30 a.m.

Local residents are encouraged to join the Monticello Cub Scouts and Monticello Tree board in planting over 30 trees around the sports complex, according to Hope Bragg, chairman of the Monticello Tree Board.

“Winter and fall is the perfect time to plant a tree, Bragg said. “The trees are typically dormant this time year, and the weather is perfect for having trees establish.”

The Monticello Tree board will demonstrate the best planting methods to insure future shade, provide answers to tree care questions, and conduct a drawing for a free Sycamore Tree.

Zach McClendon and Union Bank donate the trees that will be planted at the Monticello Sports Complex.