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Establishment Republicans clearly don’t like the often irreverent billionaire businessman Donald Trump, but his anti-establishment message is certainly resonating with the party’s voters. The Republican presidential candidate picked up seven more wins on Super Tuesday.

In Southeast Arkansas, Trump carried six of seven counties: Ashley, Bradley, Chicot, Desha, Drew and Lincoln. He finished second to Ted Cruz in Cleveland County.

Despite the endorsement of Gov. Asa Hutchinson, the best Marco Rubio could do in Southeast Arkansas was second-place finishes Chicot, Desha and Drew counties. Cruz finished second in Bradley and Lincoln counties.

In Ashley County, where there was 41 percent turnout, Trump carried the county with 40.44 percent of the vote.

In Bradley County, where the turnout was nearly 48 percent — stimulated by a 5-man race for county judge in which the top vote-getter captured the GOP nomination without a runoff — Trump carried the county with just over 44 percent of the vote.

In Chicot County, where there was a 42.46 percent turnout, Trump got 51.11 percent of the 811 Republican votes cast.

Ted Cruz carried Cleveland County, receiving 36.79 percent of the 1,495 votes cast in the GOP primary. Trump followed, three percentage points behind Cruz.

Meanwhile, in the Super Tuesday Democratic primary, Hillary Clinton also added seven more states to her win column, besting Bernie Sanders in Arkansas, Alabama, Texas, Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee.

Ashley County: Clinton received more than 47 percent of the vote.
Bradley County: Clinton received more than 83 percent of the vote.
Chicot County: Clinton received just over 81 percent of the vote.
Cleveland County: Clinton received nearly 69 percent of the votes cast.
Desha County: Clinton received more than 68 percent of the vote.
Drew County: Clinton received nearly 68 percent of the vote.
Lincoln County: Clinton received 75.73 percent of the vote.