Two sex offenders living in Warren are facing felony charges for allegedly violating the state’s sex offender registration laws.

Timothy Bernard Proctor, 39, is charged with failure to register and Paul David Cravey, 46, is charged with violating the sex offender registration law by entering a school campus and living within 2,000 feet of a school, day care or youth center.

While doing a routine sex offender registration check last September, Warren police reportedly found that Proctor and five others were delinquent with their registrations, and Proctor could not be located.

Proctor was located six months later, on March 7, when he was in court on an unrelated case, according to Warren Police criminal investigator Don Hollingsworth’s case summary.

He was subsequently arrested and charged with failure to register.

Cravey, who was discovered in November living too close to the Kid’s First School on Butler Street, was notified that he was in violation of the sex offender registration laws and would have to move. He has since moved and is now in compliance.

However, he is alleged to have been seen on a public school campus in March.

Warren Police received a report from a school employee who said she called a student’s mother to pick up her sick child. Knowing that there was a family connection with Cravey, the school employee walked outside to see who was picking up the child. She saw a van driven by Cravey stop for a moment in front of the school then drive off.

According to a statement from the student’s cousin, the child’s mother was unable to pick up the child so the mother asked the cousin to pick up the child and Cravey gave the cousin a ride to the school. She said she didn’t know that Cravey was not allowed to do so.

Cravey is currently on house arrest. He is allowed to leave his home only to go to work, church, or for medical-related trips. All travel information must be provided to the city dispatcher prior to any travel.

Warren Police are making a concerted effort to assure that sex offenders with Warren addresses are in compliance with state laws.