Conner Eldridge


Former U.S. Attorney Conner Eldridge visited Drew County this week as part of his campaign for the U.S. Senate.

He is pictured above (third from left) with Hamburg City Attorney Paul Keith, Gibson & Keith attorney Lee Curry, former Drew County Judge Damon Lampkin, Democratic Central Committee Member Delbert Farrar and Drew County Judge Robert Akin. Not pictured, but also visiting with Eldridge were Monticello Mayor Zack Tucker and University of Arkansas Trustee Cliff Gibson of Monticello.

As a federal prosecutor for five years, Eldridge aggressively prosecuted child abusers, drug traffickers and fraudsters. He prosecuted more than 100 child abusers and pornographers.

In August 2014, he launched a new program called “A-Chance”, aimed at helping children in violent and crime-ridden homes succeed in school and in life. The program began operating in 13 Arkansas public schools with Eldridge’s pledge to continue promoting its benefit to every school in the state.

Eldridge, his wife, Mary, and three three sons are members of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. He is also an avid duck and deer hunter and a lifelong Razorback fan.

Eldridge said Arkansans are frustrated with a Washington that seems further and further removed from the real problems they face every day. He promised to work with whomever it takes to bring or create new jobs in the state, improve education, strengthen the middle class, make our communities safer and protect the state’s growing senior population.

He said is running because he believes one senator can make a difference.