The University of Arkansas at Monticello is one of two Arkansas universities listed among the 20 fastest growing public master’s degree granting institutions in the nation, according to a recent report by the Chronicle of Higher Education.

From 2001 to 2011, UAM ranked 13th in enrollment growth, showing an enrollment increase of 68.1 percent. UAM’s enrollment rose from 2,332 for the 2001 fall semester to 3,920 for the 2011 fall semester.

Arkansas Tech ranked eighth nationally for the same period, showing an 87.7 percent enrollment increase, growing from 5,576 students in 2001 to 10,464 in 2011.

The University of Arkansas-Fayetteville was listed as the 13th fastest growing public research institution, with enrollment increasing from 15,752 in fall 2001 to 23,199 in fall 2011.
UAM has experienced 11 consecutive enrollment records, including last year’s all-time high of 3,946 for the 2012 fall semester.

“This is exciting news for the institution,” said UAM Chancellor Jack Lassiter. “To continue to see enrollment increases at a time of declining high school enrollments in our traditional service area is a tribute to the hard work of the entire university. Our commitment to retention, sound academic advising, teaching and maintaining an affordable cost of attendance are having a positive impact on the number of students choosing to attend UAM.”

According to Lassiter, much of UAM’s growth is a case of simple economics. “We’ve managed to keep higher education affordable, and in these economic times, that resonates with students and their parents,” Lassiter said. “We also have a faculty whose focus is on classroom teaching and our average class size is small in relation to those at larger institutions. When you combine low cost with personal attention and small classes, it’s a combination that appeals to both young people and their parents.”

UAM will not release its fall 2013 enrollment until the 11th class day.