Dr. Robert “Red Hawk” Moore

Dr. Robert “Red Hawk” Moore, noted poet, author, and professor of English at the University of Arkansas at Monticello, will deliver public lectures in France and Romania this summer before returning to the United States for a public poetry reading in Colorado.

Moore has been invited to address the General Assembly of the spiritual community of Hauteville in Valence, France, just south of Paris, on June 15-16. His address is entitled “The Development of an Inner Attention” and is related to his 2010 book Self Observation: The Awakening of Conscience.

Following this appearance, Moore will give a public talk in Bucharest, Romania June 20 in conjunction with the publication of the Romanian edition of Self Observation, which is now available in five languages. This talk will be followed by a three-day workshop in Bucharest, entitled “Self Observation: Awakening to Love.” He will be assisted in the workshop by his wife, Chandrika Taylor, and Regina Sara Ryan, author of the books Praying Dangerously: Radical Reliance on God, Woman Awake, and Igniting the Inner Life.

Moore will give a public poetry reading in Boulder, Colo., August 2 followed by a two-day self-observation workshop on the campus of the Naropa Institute in Boulder.

“All these activities are made possible by the generous support of the university,” said Mark Spencer, dean of the School of Arts and Humanities. “Dr. Moore was granted a one-semester off-campus duty assignment and will be able to represent UAM worldwide. It also allows him the time to finish two book projects.

Moore is the author of eight books, including his most recent, Indian Killer, published in March. The book is a hand-sewn, privately published, limited edition of 100 copies, signed and numbered, book-length poem in 27 sections. The book is available only from the author.