The Warren City Council will meet in regular session at 5:30 p.m. on December 12 in the Warren Municipal Building. The agenda:

1. Call to order
2. Prayer, Pledge of Allegiance
3. Roll call
4. Approval of minutes of November 14, 2011 meeting

5. City Clerk’s Report
A.Financial Statement
B. City sales and use tax
C. District Court Clerk’s report (for September)

6. Public Comments
A. Recognized by Aldermen
B. Called in or Signed in

7. Mayor Bryan Martin’s Report
A. Bradley County Industrial Development Corporation Report
B. Callaway Oil Contract

8. Administrative and Standing Committee Reports

A. Police Chief Randy Peek
1) Monthly Report

B. Police Committee (Alderman Fullerton, Burks and Moseley)
1) Fireworks within city limits
2) Mandatory body armor policy

C. Fire Chief Howard Edwards
1) Monthly Report

D. Fire Committee (Aldermen Reep, Moseley and Tolefree)
1) Fireworks within city limits

E. Sanitation Manager Mike May
1) Monthly Report

F. Sanitation Committee (Aldermen Moseley, Burks, and Henderson)

G. Building Official Mike May
1) Monthly Report
2) Lot Complaints
3) Rezone Request

H. Street Foreman Tommy Adams
1) Monthly Report

I. Street Committee (Aldermen Burks, Reep, and Tolefree)

J. Community and Economic Development Committee (Aldermen Tolefree, Fullerton, and Henderson)

K. Ways and Means Committee (Aldermen Henderson, Fullerton, and Reep)
1) Adopt ordinance setting 2012 budget
2) Adopt ordinance setting various officials’ salaries for 2012
3) Bradley County Industrial Development Corporation Contract
4) Chamber of Commerce Contract

9. Reports and Business of City Boards and Commissions

A. Planning Commission (Tommy Burrow, chairman)
1) Minutes of monthly meeting

B. Aviation Committee (Joe Hank Wharton, chairman)
1) Minutes (no meeting)

C. Water and Sewer Commission (Rick Warner, chairman; Steve Rand, department manager)
1) Minutes
2) Balance Sheet

D. Parks and Recreation Commission (John Belcher, chairman; Renious Harton, director)
1) Director’s Report

E. Housing Authority Commission (John Belcher, chairman; Mike Jolley, director)
1) Minutes (no meeting)

F. Warren Cultural Center Commission (Alderman Reep, chairman)
1) Monthly Report (mayor)

10. Unfinished Business

11. Public Statements

12. New Business

13. Announcements
14. Pay Bills for November 2011
15. Set Meetings for January 2012
16. Adjourn