The 30-year-old building housing the Warren police and fire departments is about to undergo a major renovation.

The city is renovating the offices for the police chief, fire chief, criminal investigators, patrol officers, and secretary, as well as the firemen’s kitchen and sleeping quarters.

The renovation plan also calls for the installation of new security doors and heating and air conditioning system, and a major overhaul and redesign of the dispatch room to make it more efficient and comfortable for the dispatchers, according to Warren Mayor Bryan Martin.

The renovation is expected to cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $300,000. The lowest bid was $344,000, which was over budget, according to Martin.

“We’re negotiating (with the low bidder) to reduce the scope of the project in order to reduce the price,” he said.

The renovation is being funded through a $92,000 USDA grant, $41,000 in city sales tax funds, and $92,000 from state General Improvement Funds obtained through the efforts of former state Rep. Gregg Reep, D-Warren.

Because there will be no structural changes to the building during the six-month project, it will be in use during the renovations, Martin said.