pick-off-banner-2bDrew County Judge Robert Akin correctly picked 7 out of 8 games in the opening week of the football pickoff, giving him a 7-1 record going into Week 2 of the contest.

Akin’s only incorrect pick was Prescott’s 38-7 win over Star City. Former State Rep. Gregg Reep, representing salineriverchronicle.com, was the only one to nail the Prescott win.

The only unanimous pick was Arkansas over Louisiana Tech. (The final combined points scored by both teams in the Arkansas games are used only to determine the winner of the pickoff in the event of a tie.)
Predictions for Week 2 are shown below the leaderboard:

Robert Akin 7-1 (Week 1 Winner)
Gregg Reep 5-3
Patty Wooten 5-3
Sara Hartness 3-5
Jimmy Jeffress 1-7

Week 2 Picks: