Jimmy Jeffress’ prediction in the week 3 tie-breaker gave him his second consecutive weekly win in the football pickoff. Jeffress and Seark Today both correctly picked 7 out of 10 games, but Jeffress was closer in his prediction of the combined points scored in the Arkansas-Texas State game. He predicted 42. Seark Today predicted 60. It was 45 (which Gregg Reep nailed). Jeffress was the only one to pick Hamburg’s upset of Ashdown and the Arkansas Tech win over UAM. Seark Today was the only one to pick the McGehee win over Crossett. The Week 4 predictions is below the leaderboard:

Robert Akin 17-10 Week 1 Winner
Patty Wooten 17-10
Jimmy Jeffress 16-11 Week 2 Winner, Week 3 Winner
Gregg Reep 13-14
Sara Hartness 12-15

Week 4 Predictions: